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Outsourcing in the Philippines

The globalized digital world has made it possible for a SEM in the local market to access the international labour market. This transformation has coincided with Australia experiencing over 20 years of continuous growth & low unemployment, which has resulted in an undersupply of experienced skilled professionals. In addition, this undersupply of qualified labour has been driving up the cost of acquiring and retaining staff.

That’s why prudent business owners are looking into more cost-effective labour markets. By far the Philippines is considered the premier outsourcing destination. With an oversupply of highly educated, highly motivated candidate, well versed in English and with good ethics, Australian business are well placed to reap the rewards.

Being an American colony, the Philippines is the most westernised culture country in South East Asia. Most schools and universities studies are conducted in English and the the work ethics resembles most western nations like Australia. the Philippines is going through an economy growth never seen before in its history, with the national GDP growing as fast as 7% in recent years. Due to these reasons, the Philippines has undertaken India as the #1 provider of outsourcing services to the World.

The cost benefit of outsourcing is no longer just for multinationals. Outsource Fitch has over 5 years’ experience in the Philippines, placing high quality candidates into Australian businesses. The reasons why Australian businesses are turning to the Philippines include:

  • easy of management, with the Philippines only a few hours behind you can have your business hours match.
  • excellent English skills both written and spoken.
  • high standard of work
  • meeting international best practice.

The process is easy

We match your requirements with a professional who have been honed in best practices. The professional works directly for you, we manage the operation in between.

You provide us with a job description

We recruit talented professionals

Your dedicated staff reports to you daily

We manage the backoffice operations

Work with the best in their field

Outsource Fitch is a recognized business, with over a decade of experience assisting clients across the Asia-Pacific region.

The team is behind highly-acclaimed projects for established companies. In addition, Outsource Fitch provides professionals to businesses and agencies that need to scale their operations and production at a lower cost.