Date Holidays Comments
January 1, 2019, Tuesday New Year’s Day non-working day
February 5, 2019, Tuesday Chinese New Year non-working day
February 25, 2019, Monday EDSA Revolution Anniversary non-working day
April 18, 2019, Thursday Maundy Thursday non-working day
April 19, 2019, Friday Good Friday non-working day
April 20, 2019, Saturday Black Saturday Saturday
April 9, 2019, Tuesday Araw ng Kagitingan non-working day
May 1, 2019, Wednesday Labor Day non-working day
June 12, 2019, Wednesday Independence Day non-working day
August 21, 2019, Wednesday Ninoy Aquino Day non-working day
August 26, 2019, Monday National Heroes’ Day non-working day
November 1, 2019, Friday All Saints’ Day non-working day
November 2, 2019, Saturday Additional holiday All Saints’ Day Saturday
November 30, 2019, Saturday Bonifacio Day Saturday
December 24, 2019, Tuesday Pre-Christmas Day non-working day
December 25, 2019, Wednesday Christmas Day non-working day
December 30, 2019, Monday Rizal Day non-working day
December 31, 2019, Tuesday Last day of the year non-working day

Note: Given that the Philippines government is fond of abruptly announcing holidays, we will inform our clients shall any new holiday be created. The new holiday will also be added to this table.